Breakthroughs in Organ on a Chip and Stem Cells to be revealed at Edinburgh Conference

The latest developments in two of the hottest areas of cell culture research are due to be showcased at the Horizons in Human Cells Conference taking place in Edinburgh on 26th-28th May.

Researchers from leading labs in Europe and the USA will talk about their objective to create systemic models of the human body by interconnecting cell cultures mimicking the behaviour of individual organs. A diversity of approaches is being evaluated at macro down to micro scale. Some are very close to commercial exploitation as predictive tools for drug development and medical research.

Stem Cell research is another fast developing field. Both commercial and academic teams at the forefront of this field will be presenting at Edinburgh, with internationally recognised speakers from France, Germany, the UK and the USA.

The full programme is available at, where you can also register to attend.

Key Tools and Technology Hurdles in Advancing Stem-Cell Therapies

A White Paper Sponsored by:
California Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Alliance for Regenerative Medicine
Cell Therapy Catapult

Researchers and product developers in the field of regenerative medicine face a complex set of challenges in translating stem cell science from laboratory, through clinical trials and ultimately to patients. The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine and the Cell Therapy Catapult convened a round table on June 25, 2013 to define the main technological challenges and identify possible solutions in three key areas:
  • manufacturing clinical grade products derived from stem cells
  • characterising the cell product
  • imaging after transplantation
You can see the full report of this discussion here:



Wellcome Trust Conference

Regenerative Medicine: From biology to therapy

30 October-1 November 2013

Wellcome Trust Conference Centre,  Hinxton, Cambridge, UK

Abstract and Bursary deadline: 13 September 

Registration deadline: 2 October
Few topics in contemporary medicine have attracted more attention than stem cells and their potential for enabling the discovery of new regenerative therapies. The aim of this new Wellcome Trust Scientific Conference is to understand the biology that underpins the success or failure of regeneration, and to clarify the relationship between stem cell biology and regenerative biology so that both can be fully exploited to treat disease. This meeting is aimed at scientists involved in developmental and regenerative biology, stem cell research, translational medicine, or clinical trials.
for more information and registration information, go to: